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3 Brands that are Great on Twitter

3 Brands that are Great on Twitter

When Twitter was first created, it was used mostly by individuals to share personal thoughts and views that they had. As the social media website grew it became more popular for companys to use it to interact with their customers as a customer service platform.

The most successful brands on twitter are those that tweet out quality content and i’ve named and explained three of them below.


1. Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza is definetly everyone’s ultimate favorite pizza brand. They use humor, creative posts, clear visual images and causal language to engage the consumer into reading their post and following their page. For example:

dominos post.PNGdominos post 2.PNG

As you can see above, Domino’s Pizza used humor and poetry along with visual images to entice the customer to order pizzas.

Dominos also do a competition on Twitter for people to win FREE pizza for an entire year. This promotes the pizza and also gets people talking about the brand. See below for example:


2. Charmin


The marketers behind Charmins social media account is by far a master of social engagement. Their tweets all involve lighthearted, fun and toilet humor-centric brand voice. They are certainly the ‘sassiest brand on twiter’ – TIME magazine 2014

In addition to tweeting out fun and hilarious content, they constantly tweet to followers to answer questions and polls, they respond to customers who tweet them and jump in on trending hashtags. Below shows how they use toilet humor while asking a poll to customers and getting engaged with them.


They have also created their own fun hashtags which have got everyone on Twitter talking. Hashtags such as ‘#tweetfromtheseat’ and ‘#CharminAsks’. Below is an hilarious example which trended on twitter:


3. Starbucks

Ill admit i’m not a coffee drinker, i’m more of a tea lover, but Starbucks crushes it on Twitter! Not only because they have over 11 million followers but because the ‘get’ and understand how social media works.


They always do great by interacting with their followers by retweeting them and answering back to their tweets which shows they definetly know the importance with engaging with their followers.


They also effectively use media. Notice how they use photos, videos, gifs and all other forms of media. They are doing it often and doing it right. See below how they use a mix of humor, song and media to promote their product.