Month: December 2016

5 Great Brands that rock Instagram

5 Great Brands that rock Instagram

Below is a video slideshow i put together that evaluates 5 great brands that rock Instagram. Please watch and enjoy!

3 Great Video Marketing Examples

3 Great Video Marketing Examples

Video marketing is by far the greatest form of advertising for all ages. It can provide powerful, meaningful and informative information for companies. Below i will discuss 3 Great Videos that companies use to advertise their products.

1. Pat the Baker old TV Advert

Firstly, this is a great old video from pat the baker company to advertise their bread. They have many competition out there that are rivals with them but in my opinion i think this company is by far the most popular and this is one of the adverts that got them most well-known. Their competitiors in Ireland such as Harrington’s are also very popular and this is why they need to have great advertising to compete with these other well-known brands.

An example of their advertising is below. It is an advert from 2007.



2. Specsavers Sheepdog Advert.

Secondly, Specsavers Ireland are another company which are great for using video advertising to advertise their products nationally. Their great use of humor and entertainment for their videos gets them greatly known and talked about. This in turn increases their sales and brand name.

In the videos below is an example of their sheepdog advert. In my opinion i think that this is a great video and it portrays a man shaving his dog instead of sheep which gets across the message that glasses are needed and important. They get this message across greatly though video marketing.


3. Lynx Body Spray

Another company which advertise well through video marketing is Lynx body spray. This company use many techniques to promote their products again with humor and enticing videos.

Lynx would be one of the best known body sprays in Ireland, especially for men. They use a source of advertising that appeals to both men and woman. In their most recent advert below it portrays all different types of people across the world doing their own thing and living all their different lives. It shows that whoever you are and whatever you like that Lynx can be used by anyone no matter who you are. It advertises their new grooming products which can be used for any occasion.